Back On Air

Once again, I’m dragging my hot mess of a life out of bed at 5 am so I can play country music for a 100 mile radius.

This sounds cool, being the morning DJ again, but the circumstances behind it are about as far from awesome as you can get. The regular morning DJ didn’t last. I think it had been a month. I like playing music all morning, but I don’t want the job. I shouldn’t be there. And the guy who had been working the gig was doing a good job. It’s not my place to discuss details of the termination, so I won’t. The fact that there’s a pretty sweet job available that can’t filled for more than two months isn’t just depressing, it’s indicative of the sickness that plagues the area.

On a less gloomy note, the weather has been spectacular. And by spectacular, I mean in the 50’s and manageably windy. Rumors say that it’s going to be snowing by next week, but I’m taking full advantage of this mini spring.


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Hilarious drifter. Well groomed bum.
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