The Cake Is a Lie.

Cake Day very nearly turned into Cake Fiasco. I love me some BonAppé, but there is a noticeable flaw.  When I find a recipe I love, I have no way of saving it or placing a virtual bookmark on the page within the website. So one could easily become confused between two similar recipes. Namely this recipe and this recipe.
Oh, do they look the same? Because they are NOT. They most certainly are not. Let’s start with the fact that they have very different ingredients. I sat down on Saturday and compiled a list of the supplies I would need to buy in Valentine. Yesterday, when I sat down to actually start making this dirty chocolate love affair, I couldn’t understand how I had forgotten so many key ingredients and for some bewildering reason, had bought ingredients that weren’t listed. That being said, I had to run to the store to buy cocoa powder. And by run, I mean drive. 30 minutes in each direction. The difficulties of pretending I’m a foodie while living in the middle of nowhere were starting to creep up on me.

Those difficulties became more readily apparent when I tried to bake and then assemble a pretty intimidating cake whilst lacking some basic cooking accessories. These included, but were not limited to, a large enough bowl, the correct cake pans, a cooling rack and a decent spatula. The cooling rack is what almost destroyed me. I mean, my cake. Same difference.
I thought I was clever and tried to use the oven rack to cool my cakes. The oven rack has some pretty widely spaced grills and one of the layers completely crumbled through it. This triple layer cake had become a double layer and the layers I hadn’t wiped away in the prime of their life were looking pretty awful.
It was at this point I realized I had used the wrong recipe. It was hard to decide how to take all this. Frustrated that I had bought ingredients and then made the wrong cake? Disappointed because the original recipe seemed to call for more subtle flavors and nuance? Slightly excited because I pretty much have to make another chocolate stout cake?
Frustration was basically chosen for me, because trying to frost that stupid cake almost brought me to tears.
So I took a break, watched some Nip/Tuck, realized how messed up life really can be (seriously, people in the tv are crazy), took a walk with Neil, came back and felt much much better as I finally assembled…

It's ugly, but it tastes good.

The nice part about the crumbled mess of a third layer was that I cut out a section and frosted up a mini cake so I can say that this cake does taste just lovely (although, with all the butter and sugar that went in there, how could it not?). The roommates helped themselves to the crumbled cake as well and I’ve already received favorable reviews.

All in all, a pretty satisfying endeavour. Also, I know must make this cake again, but using the real recipe.


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1 Response to The Cake Is a Lie.

  1. Dave says:

    Do you need a lesson in bookmarking websites?

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