Guys, GUYS! I’m in In-N-Out Country Again!

I’m too lazy to even check where I was the last time I posted. Ah, the sweet luxurious life of a drifter.

I’m currently in Layton, Utah and yesterday I got to play pickleball with the reigning city league Pickleball champions. What now?

In other places, I got creeped on in “the Best Gay Bar in America” which is in Omaha, Nebraska, so apparently San Francisco can just go suck it. I also had a lovely Easter and got a baller basket full o’ travelin’ supplies (I tried to truncate supplies, but I don’t think it’s possible) and then drove back to the Rez.

I actually rather enjoyed myself visiting ye olde St. Francis Mission on the Rosebud Sioux Reservation. Hung out with a group of teachers who lovingly refer to themselves as the Unicorn Success Club. Also met the current JVs who sound like they are having a delightful time and really getting the most out of their experience. I’m just gunna go ahead and take some credit for laying the groundwork that made all that a possibility. No need to thank me, guys, your fulfillment is my fulfillment.

I then made a lovely little trip to all my old favorite SoDak stomping grounds, like Pierre and Rapid City, making a stop at iconic Wall Drug, mostly so I could send my parents a picture of their favorite tourist trap ever. EVER.

As it turns out, South Dakota still makes me feel all poetic and wordy, but I won’t share that feeling garbage here. Also, Wyoming is so pretty. I’m going to marry a cowboy and raise sheep out there. You’ll probably never hear from me again.

My next stop will be Oregon for a night, then Washington. It’ll be fantastic to be back in the Pacific Time Zone and hopefully I’ll be in Davis for Picnic Day and San Fran for April 22 (which is my BIRTHDAY and subtlety is for chumps).

Oh, and I officially gave my 30 days notice to my roommates, so I will be moving out of my apartment May 15 and have no concrete plans after that, soooo, if you’ve got like, a job opening and a place to live and think you’d “Hey, how much better would my life be if I got to see Maggie’s face EVERYDAY,” then you should, I dunno, talk to me or something.

Also, over 8,000 miles on this trip so far and I filed my state taxes while on the road! Living the drifter dream.

Happy trails everyone!


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