Going Back

I’m currently in Vermont, which in a way is my turning back point. From here on out, it’s doubling back and then heading west. I’m excited to see the people between here and home, but I’m nowhere near ready for this absurd adventure to wind down. As I’m sure every mother loves hearing, I could probably drift about in my car forever. Not to mention, when I finally end up in San Francisco, I’ll have to focus on tedious details like finding a job, instead of figuring out where I’ll be sleeping for the next few nights. 

Since I last checked in, I have seen quite a lot. I spent a good deal of time in Tennessee, visiting some touristy locations which mostly focused on the history of rock and roll. More importantly, I stayed with a cousin of a cousin (because my family extends way beyond actual blood relations) and got to hear beautiful banjo and fiddle music in someone’s living room. I also fell in total and complete love with the Smokey Mountains, but that is another matter entirely.

I was supposed to drive to Atlanta next, but my friend who was hosting me decided to quit her job and go backpacking. I’m actually a little jealous. However, I’m realizing this trip is far more about seeing people than it is visiting places and so instead of driving down that way to stay in her empty house, I figured it was time to do something a little reckless. I was itching to get on the road and put hundreds of miles on my odometer, so I took off East and figured I’d stop when I got tired or when I hit Williamsburg, VA. Somewhere around 2 am I pulled into a truck stop for a bathroom break and a power nap. An hour later, I was up again, finally reaching my destination around 4 am. Needless to say, I slept for quite awhile before tooling around Colonial Williamsburg and meeting Holly and her fiance for dinner with her grad school friends.

The next morning was one of my easiest drives to Washington, DC, where I got to see one of my best friends in the whole wild world. After breaking some minor laws (no dancing in the Jefferson Memorial? But have you seen my moves?) and the healthiest dinner I’ve had all trip, I accompanied her roommate out to the bars at 2 am while Gina went to bed. Because why not. As someone pointed out in Nashville, I get along with pretty much anybody. I got to spend the entire next day with Gina, giving a hearty approval to her boyfriend and feeling positive about her situation as I left town early Sunday morning. I probably won’t worry about myself enough to ever satisfy my mother or anyone else who doesn’t want me to become a hobo, but I do feel very protective about Gina’s happiness.

My drive to Vermont brought on the first non-gorgeous weather since San Diego. Apparently, my ability to summon California temperatures and sunshine does not extend above the Mason-Dixon line. I spent the night in Burlington, VT and then sauntered over to…you know, I’m not even sure I know the name of this town. I’m in rural Vermont. It’s friggin amazing. I’m staying with the parents of a former coworker whom I had never met. Why? Because someone suggested it and one of my three personal mottos is “I’m game.” (The other two are “Sack up.” and “Be the person you want to date.”)

I’ve been doing terribly at keeping stats, but I can tell you that I’ve heard a total of 35 Adele songs and been through 16 states. I’m at about 6,000 miles and am afraid to check my credit card balance to see just how much money I’ve spent on gas. 

Have I mentioned that between here and Omaha, it’s about 10 hours of driving every day? Bring it!


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