This Is My Ninth State So Far? Really? High Five, Me.

A quick and dirty recap of the last few days while I sit here at the Dunkin’ Donuts in Memphis, waiting for my friend’s bus to arrive. 

I drove nearly a thousand miles in Texas. I went all the way down to McAllen, where I stayed with my old roommate and her family, having some phenomenal Mexican food and taking Monica through Costco for the first time in her life. I also filled up on gas for $3.48 a gallon. Yeah, California, I can hear you crying. 

Next stop was Houston, where I met up with Margee, who is currently living in a house that was once abandoned and has now been rebuilt using mostly recycled and reused materials and employing such eco-friendly practices as collecting rain water to use for flushing the toilets. We spent most of the night shooting the breeze with a few of her roommates, who are friendly and welcoming people. The next day, with the warm sun shining and delightful breeze, we walked to the re-market, where people leave clothes and household goods off and people are free to rummage through and take home what they fancy. There was a lovely market atmosphere with a food truck, music playing, people selling wares and an arts and crafts table. It was the perfect kind of place to spend a late Saturday morning with a friend that you’d never read about in a tourist guide and exactly the reason I planned this trip around seeing the people I know rather than the places I think I should visit.

I arrived in New Orleans Saturday night, grimacing as my poor tired car rattled over horribly bumpy streets. I met up with Steve at a bar where he was out with some of his coworkers from the public defenders’ office, and we caught up about the last 7 months. When we went back to his house, his roommate (and another FJV) Nate walked with me around the neighborhood, again, discussing our lives since the end of JVC. The next day involved eating crawfish on the porch, heading to Congo Park to see a brass band competition, and running into a former coworker from SutherlandGold. Yup, even in New Orleans, I happened to bump into someone I knew. And I absolutely love it. The night ended with a late Mass at St. Joseph’s and then Nate and I had some coffee and beignets before heading to see some live music. Both nights I was there I ended up going to sleep at about 2 am, but I actually felt great having a whole day where I didn’t have to drive 300 miles or more. 

Today, I was in 4 different states, stopping to get gas in Jackson, Mississippi, where I was offered marijuana by a gentleman who was quite impressed that I had driven my beat up old Carolla all the way from California by myself. I declined the invitation to purchase narcotics and the inquiry for my phone number so that Frank could “holler at” me. Thanks for that, Mississippi. I then got a little side tracked on my way into Memphis and ended up visiting beautiful Arkansas for awhile before figuring out how to get to where I’m (pretty sure I’m) supposed to be. 

Welps, I suppose I should look at some jobs with the remainder of my time here on the internets. I asked people with whom I stayed to contribute some guest posts, and hopefully they’ll actually write something, as I have limited time for and access to the webs. And you, know, any time I can get people to talk about me, I’m happy.


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