Days 3-5: Family Affairs

Awww Yeaaaahhh! I’m finally in another state! 

Last I left you, my brother and I were playing Wii and trying to figure out what he, his wife and I were going to do for the day. We ended up going to see 21 Jump Street, and Josh and I both snuck a 32 ox bottle of his home brew into the theater (because how else do you expect a couple of Portuguese kids to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?). Movie was hysterical but we both had to pee so bad it hurt, and right at the climax of the plot. We then decided to find an Irish pub to continue partying St. Paddy’s style. At first, we went to a bar with a five dollar cover, and then promptly turned around, because the kind of people who sneak homemade beer into a movie theater are not the kind of people who pay cover charges. In fact, people who go out to bars with me, take notice – I judge you when you make me go to bars that charge for me to simply walk in. No place is that cool.

To get back on track, we found a place that served a tall boy PBR and a shot of well whiskey for five bucks. Josh and I were sold. I think Lisa ordered a beer. We spent a few hours there; I tried my hand at darts (I suck at those even worse than I suck at skeeball) and told strangers about my intentions of dating Tim Tebow (we would have such great conversations!). After some greasy Irish pub food, we got home at about 8pm, ate girl scout cookies and watched Jersey Shore pop up videos. Seriously, I can feel the jealousy seeping through each and every one of you, and I haven’t even mentioned that I was wearing my brother’s Forever Lazy, which is for people who think the Snuggie is just too much work.

My drive to Phoenix on Sunday was without trauma. There was snow on the mountains near San Diego, but I ignored the signs imploring me to carry chains. Living for a year in South Dakota has given me just enough confidence to figure I’d make it through just fine, but also enough respect for the road conditions to realize I should drive carefully, which I did. Duh.

Phoenix has been lovely. My sister and I saw some of the hoochiest outfits I have ever witnessed walking into a restaurant/club last night. We lingered long enough to weep inwardly for my age group, and then went somewhere else for dinner. Today my sister, her husband, their dog and I hiked Tom’s Thumb. Where it SNOWED. In ARIZONA. In MARCH. Obviously not huge flakes, but visible flurries. Outrageous. I also tried the Taco Bell Doritos Taco. I actually feel slightly ashamed sharing that, but I’m going to go ahead and own up to it. 

Tomorrow I’m driving to Texas. Hopefully spending a night in El Paso, then on to Austin. 

I’ve been uploading pictures to a flickr account, so you can view my shenanigans here

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email. Stats are only for days where I actually drive my car. 

Stats to be posted later, when I find where I wrote down the stats. Whatever, I’m on vacation. 


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