Day 2: There We Go

I’d like to apologize, because this has started on a bit of a dull note. Running errands, hanging out with my grandma, and visitng a few friends is great fun for me but not exactly the best reading for anyone else. Ridiculous circumstance have to be coming soon. As much as my mother doesn’t want to hear this, if this trip goes through without any mishaps, I will be sorely disappointed.

I left SLO and headed to LA (ok, Manhattan Beach, whatever), meeting up with a friend from my movie theater job for dinner. Part of what I love about catching up with people I haven’t seen in years is the conversation flows so smoothly. There are years to discuss, plus Brady and I always had easy conversation anyways. At some point I realized it was 10:30 pm and I still had to drive to San Diego. In the rain. Whoops.

I mede it to my brother and his wife’s house without incident, until I realized I had no idea what their apartment number was. So I played a fun game of “Try the doors and see which one opens” and the accompaniying ditty, “I really hope I’m at Josh and Lisa’s place and didn’t just break into a stranger’s apartment-oh, that’s a picture of them, we’re good.” And then crashed like a kid at the end of Halloween.

The whole reason I drove in so late was so I could wake up and attend Lisa’s yoga class, at the studio where she not only teaches, but manages. Unfortunately, this meant we also had to leave at 6:45 so she could get the studio set up, but since she’s the lady in charge, she let me sleep in the floor of her office until the class started. I love me some floor napping. And then hot yoga class, which is always a hilarious undertaking for a slob like myself (but don’t be fooled, I’m surprisingly flexible. Did a bird of paradise like a boss). Her studio is fabulous, in case you were wondering.

I’m now playing Wii fitness with my brother and his wife, laughing at how much effort Josh is putting into making my Mii as realistic as possible, and hoping the rainy weather clears out before I leave to Phoenix tomorrow. When I left SF, I thought I’d be heading towards sunshine and warmer climes, but the friggin rain followed me down. I better get to wear some shorts soon, or I will punch the clouds in their babymakers.


 Miles traveled: 311

Total miles traveled: 555

Odometer reads: 128326

Gallons purchased: 9.294

Total gallons purchased: 9.294

MPG: 28.83

Adele songs heard: 3

Total Adele songs heard: 4

Stops: Nipomo, CA; Manhattan Beach, CA; Carlsbad, CA

People Seen:

Grams (Birthed Mom, LS: January)

Kathy Tompkins (Birthed Patricia, LS: January)

Brady (Worked at the movie theater together, LS: 2010?)

Josh (Brother, LS: Christmas)

Lisa (Married Josh…sucker, LS: Christmas)


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Hilarious drifter. Well groomed bum.
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