Day 1: Barely


With a grand total of 127,771 miles already on ye olde Carolla, I’ve started this massive drive-o-derby.

Well, sort of. I have yet to break out of the realm of places I know and have either visited often or lived in for 18 years.

 I stopped in Redwood City to have dinner with Patricia and then drove down to my parents’ house, where I got to sleep in a real bed. For those of you who don’t know, in my apartment in San Francisco I sleep on a queen sized air mattress with a pillow top cover. Why don’t I have a real bed? Because if given the chance to spend my money on a bed or on thousands of dollars worth of gas, I will choose the option that lets me visit EVERYONE who gets in touch with me over the next month. I will choose that option every time. That’s the real reason I can’t have nice things. Ok, that and the fact that I rain destruction on material possessions through my astounding clumsiness and my ability to forget anything that isn’t food related

Now, I don’t want to start any needless competitions that would be laughably beneficial to me, but Patricia did serve me up a delicious dinner of marinated chicken skewers with roasted vegetable, cous cous and frozen Greek yogurt for dessert. I’m just saying that if any readers who will be hosting me in the future thinks he or she can do better, I certainly invite you to try. There may have to be a final ranking of the top meals of the trip. I do this for you guys, because I care so much about your reader experience and am such a selfless giver. Not at all because fatty needs feeding. 

Look! A subject change!

Now that I’m in San Luis Obispo, I’ve got to run some car trip related errands, like getting an oil change, purchasing some bear spray and stealing food from my parents (one day…I’ll be well enough off where I won’t take food out of my parents’ pantry. Probably sometime after I decide finding a job is more important than driving 10,000 miles. So actually, maybe never. Sorry Mom and Dad. PS, thanks for the big knife). It’s a bit of a boring stop in the trip, but grander stories are soon on their way, this I can promise.

I’ll be keeping track of some stats below, in case this interests people. Perhaps at the end, I’ll compile a nifty infographic, but most likely I won’t. If there is a stat you care about and would like me to keep track of it, let me know, and I’ll add it in.

Hope you’re having fun reading about how much fun I’m having. Suckers.

Just kidding, I love you all. Especially if you win the unofficial, best meal fed to Maggie competition. Yeah, I’m 100% behind this idea now.



Miles traveled: 244

Total miles traveled: 244

Gallons purchased: 0

Total gallons purchased: 0

Adele songs heard: 1

Total Adele songs heard: 1

Stops: Redwood City, CA; San Luis Obispo, CA

People seen (LS = last seen) :

Patricia (friend from high school, Davis, and family friend – LS: last Friday)

Ryan (Patricia’s boyfriend—LS:  last Friday)

Keith (friend from high school –LS: last Friday)

Mom (birthed me—LS:last Sunday)


About Maggie

Hilarious drifter. Well groomed bum.
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