It’s Go Time, Fatty!

Dear Adoring Public,

 I’m back!

 Well, back on the blog, because in reality, I’m leaving.

“Where ya goin?” I can hear you ask because I’ve had several cups of coffee which allows me to hear the thoughts of my readers (it’s an underwhelming super power, but I’ll take it).

AMERICA, that’s where!

Check out that big beautiful map.

My internship has come to a close. I don’t have a new job lined up quite yet, so I decided why not take a month and visit all kinds of people I haven’t seen in far too long? I’m young, I’ve got some savings to burn and am game for sleeping on couches, floors and maybe in my car a few nights (JUST KIDDING, MOM. I am definitely not lying to you and completely have this entire trip perfectly planned so I have a warm house to stay in for every night. My pants are certainly not combusting as I type this. I’ll be fine. DON’T WORRY). Like I’ve always just started saying, there’s no time like IMMEDIATELY.

To answer a few questions that I know are going through your mind (I’ve still got the coffee-powered brain reading, pal)…

  1. I’m going by myself. Scary? Only if you think about it, and thinking has never been a problem with me. Also, I’m staying with people I know, so it doesn’t feel like I’m doing it alone, it feels like everyone is a part of it.
  2. YES, I’ve seen how expensive gas it. Still going.
  3. I know I’m missing skeeball, but I have to do this. I HAVE TO.
  4. She’s a Toyota Carolla, I call her Camelia. She gets great gas mileage and shall be my glorious companion.


So get ready to accompany me on the narration of a journey of 10,000 miles, certain to be a tale of rugged adventurism, fraught with digression (and parenthetical thoughts. You’ve already noticed how much I love me some digressive parenthetical thoughts), laughter, a brick ton of friends and hopefully as few life lessons as possible. Because life lessons are usually painful and expensive and I hate them, that’s why.

If you’re one of the stops on the map, I can’t wait to see you. If you’re one of the folks in SF, I’ll pretend to miss you and I can’t wait to see you in April.

Happy Trails, Everyone!


About Maggie

Hilarious drifter. Well groomed bum.
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