Because Everybody Loves Pie

Some of my best Fourth of July moments have found me wandering a town with no clear plans, but armed with patriotic fervor and an apple pie and up for any crazy adventure upon which I may happen to stumble.

This year certainly didn’t let me down.

I made my pie, taking certain liberties with the recipe (you want me to do a lattice crust? Oh I do no think so. I will make a crappy star to “decorate” my full topped crust and you will like it) and then headed into Valentine to see what was about. My roommates were enjoying a day off and didn’t have the antsy drive compelling them awake at 8 am and out of the house as soon as possible, so I believe I was still the only one out of bed when I trucked out. I just love this holiday, I couldn’t sleep. Mostly I just love wandering around with homemade pie knowing I make endless friends with just this and a mutual love of the United States of Awesome America.

At one point on the way into town, I passed a tractor driving down a dirt road through prairie dotted with haystacks and cattle. God Bless America and there is no way your Fourth was as American as that because remember, there was an apple pie riding shotgun.

Well, I headed out to the Valentine City park, met a friend for a picnic, and after she left I was walking towards the creek to take a walk. Well, I happened to walk past a church picnic and a five year old girl decided I was her new best friend and we ended up hanging out for the entire afternoon. This included getting drenched in a water balloon fight and culminated in an invitation to go to her house (I can hear all the mothers at this point sucking in their breath in disapproval, but don’t worry, I made sure she asked her mom). Um, sure, why not? This is Nebraska/ South Dakota where people are just genuinely and extraordinarily friendly. Neil and Monica met me at the house and we spent about two hours sitting in the Niabrarra river, enjoying the sunshine, playing with two hilarious little kids.

The evening ended watching fireworks at the Rosebud casino. Except these fireworks were backlit by some of the craziest lightning I’ve ever seen, because hey, this is God’s country.

So once again, I started the day with pretty much no plans for the day and pie.

And I ended with awesome.


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Hilarious drifter. Well groomed bum.
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2 Responses to Because Everybody Loves Pie

  1. sherry says:

    so, what have you learned about the native ways/people in your year here on the rez in sf

  2. Maggie says:

    I think I learned that no matter what, no matter where you go, folks are all the same. And for the most part, I like ’em all.

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