Called Out

My mother sent me an email telling to update the blerg. Considering just how much she helped me out this weekend and even, a little bit, kind of managed to hold back some major judgement (I forgot how strong craft beer is), I should probably do what she tells me (but just about the blog; I’m still going to join the Marines… and join… when I have a couch of my own).

I’m unfortunately going to have to speed through some very exciting adventures I’ve had since May. I went to Omaha, twice. I saw Wicked. I met Soledad O’Brien (she told me she liked my shoes!). I ran a half marathon (YUP). I rode on the back of a motorcycle. I saw the angry spillway up in Pierre and the dam that now runneth over. I also went back to California, but that might actually deserve it’s own post.

Lately, I have been extraordinarily busy. The JV house from Austin came up and visited us. They had an 18 hour drive, but we tried our best to treat them like royalty. This included stealing some mattresses from the administration building so no one slept on the floor and borrowing a 15 passenger van for our ride to Mount Rushmore so we could all stretch out in luxury. The day they left, I left for Rapid City to fly out to “home” (um, where is home, these days? Where I have a few boxes of stuff? Where I’m going to live? I still kind of think it’s Davis.), and as soon as I got back, we were already partly through a week long summer camp, also called Body, Mind and Soul (BMS).

This is the third week long camp we’ve put on, the we being Monica, Neil and the two permanent religious education teachers. From  9 am to 2:30 pm, we have activities, mini lessons about a few saints, games and food. The students range from 2nd to 6th grade and some of them came to religious ed classes during the year, but there are many new faces as well. It can be pretty fun, but it can also be fairly draining at times. We have also had groups of high school students from other states who have been here to help out with BMS who have been extraordinarily helpful, probably more so than they intended or realized. Back when I was holding classes for just one hour of up to 15 kids, it was hard to get them interested in the activities, especially if they thought it was lame. However, when the younger kids see the bigger ones participating, they just kind of go along with it. I’m not sure what this says about individuality among children and the herd mentality, but it’s helping me out so I’m not going to question it.

I’ve also been taking on more responsibilities here and there at the radio station, especially when people take their vacations. The weeks when they need me to do extra work always seem to coincide with the weeks where we have Body, Mind and Soul (and this week there is the added stress of Monica being at a retreat). However, next week we will not have BMS, so I’m hoping to go to Rapid City, hang out with the Swishers, hike a mountain and tick off any last “oh, I should really see/do/eat that” items from my South Dakota list before I leave.

Because I will be back in California in 24 days. Not that I’m counting. Really the calendar with the big red Xs and descending numbers on it is counting for me, and I just remember what it tells me.

I’m not sure if I announced here what I will be doing after JVC. I’m going to be moving in with my brother and his wife and being a nanny for their one year old son. Because it’s one step above moving back in with my parents. Also, because I only have nine months before I would start the Marines, I didn’t feel like jumping through the job finding and apartment or house procuring hoops.

Whew, so that’s the what have you for my past month or so.

Happy now, Mom!? (Thanks again for the cookies!)


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