I’ve Been a Bad Blogger

I’ve been neglecting you. I would buy you all flowers and apologize, but flowers are lame. I would buy you all beer and apologize, but I don’t know where most of you live. I will compromise and say if you come and visit me, I will buy you a six pack and apologize (root beer for the under 21 crowd). Unless you are my parents, in which case if you visit I will ask you to buy me a six pack (Love you, Lou and Janice!… please come back).

Silent retreat was fantastic. First of all, I got to spend a weekend in Atlanta, socializing with Jvs from Atlanta, New Orleans and Mobile. By the time we got to the retreat, I was on sensory overload and grateful for the silence. I used to be a very outgoing and vibrant young lady, but I think all this time out on the prairie has started to erode my confidence. I was awkwardly aware of myself, which is never helpful in social situations. That’s just fine though, I still had a phenomenal time.

I’ve currently been getting ready for the week long summer camps we will be hosting in five different locations on the Rez. This involves a lot of developing games and activities, gathering snacks and supplies, and of course, painting stuff. Am I excited for it? Erm… I probably will be when it starts.

Right now I’m too excited about going to Omaha tomorrow with Christine and two other teachers. What’s so great about Omaha, I hear my snobby California compatriots ask. Well, ya spoiled city denizens, first of all, the company of some awesome people. Also, I have no idea, I’ve never been to Omaha. I believe, however, the agenda includes yoga, movies, Wicked, restaurants, and my personal favorite – sidewalks! Hopefully my inordinate joy over concrete paths alongside a road will diminish when I’m near them once more. Until then, they are clear indications of a good time. I also have a blossoming love affair with public libraries. Visited the Rapid City library and gaped like a country buffoon at all the books. Mmmm… knowledge.


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