Mello Fun Time Extravaganza!

I know I promised to tell you about my mind blowingly awesome week last week and then, well, didn’t. Oops.

My parents came to visit! That’s right, Janice and Sweet Lou in South Dakota! I surprised my mom by picking them up at the airport and then we drove out to Devil’s Tower in Wyoming and then back to Rapid City for the next two days. Since touristy stuff doesn’t hit full capacity until summer, everywhere we went was pretty quiet and empty. This includes Cosmos mystery area (like the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz) where we had a private tour and Crazy Horse where it SNOWED 3 inches while were there! Hi Mom and Dad, welcome to South Dakota! Not only did my mom get to see a snowflake for the first time in her entire life, but the entry fee was way cheaper… because you couldn’t even see the mountain. Fortunately, my parents were more than satisfied with the museum (at least, we spent a few hours there, enough for the snow to stop and the clouds to part for a brief moment so my mom could take her first and most likely last glimpse of Crazy Horse). We also met the Swishers for dinner and talked and talked and talked until they had to kick us out of the restaurant (ok, so my mom and I might have talked a little more than anyone else. We’re gabby people, watcha gunna do?).

I also drove my parents all around the Rez and they finally got to see where I live, work and also where I work (yeah! Two jobs! Wait…they never saw the radio station! Oops). They also strolled through the lovely town of Valentine, Nebraska and I’m happy to report, they appreciated it almost as much as I do.

On Friday, we hosted twenty or so people for a barbeque and the Mello’s received a number of compliments for their California cooking. It was awfully nice to have so many people come and meet my parents and to have my folks meet all the people with whom I’ve spent so much time during the past nine months. On Saturday, we got up early, hit the Badlands and Wall (for the second time. For whatever reason, my parents LOVE Wall Drug) on our way back to Rapid City.

It had probably been just enough time for a great visit, as they were already aware of how immature I still am and I was itching for my freedom once again, so I dumped them at the airport and sped off, cackling with delight.

Ok, so that last part isn’t very true. I had an absolutely wonderful time with Jan and Louie, they were fantastic tourists and either truly felt excitement at each destination I planned for them or are phenomenal actors. I spent more time with them than I have since I got my license. I drove them through 3 states (WY, SD, NE), and we actually got along for all of it (well, got along by Mello standards, which means we gave each other a hard time for pretty much everything).

Thanks for coming out, Mom and Dad! I had the greatest time.

Also, Little Mello’s Travel Agency is now booking tours of South Dakota and the surrounding areas for all interested friends and families who would also like to enjoy all the fineries this place has to offer.


Come visit me!


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1 Response to Mello Fun Time Extravaganza!

  1. Mom says:

    Yes, Maggie was an awesome tour guide! I am still in awe of both the natural and the mad-made wonders of Wyoming and South Dakota. The fact that one can travel for several hours and never see another car can be a little unsettling. There were several times I almost heard the banjo playing from the movie “Deliverance.” there are absolutely no other people traveling some of the roads for miles and miles. I think the most memorable moment for me was to actually be in 5 inches of snow at Crazy Horse. The most snow ever in my entire life!!!!! It was absolutely beautiful. Of course I did worry a tad bit on how we were going to make it out since we did NOT have four wheel drive OR chains. Needless to say, it all worked out and we were off to see more of the Black Hills.
    Thanks, Maggie for a wonderful, wonderful time. South Dakota is a fantastic place to visit, but I am so blest to live on the Central Coast in California!!!!
    Prayers for your retreat.
    Miss you much and love you more.

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