Oh, Are You Guys Still Here?

I haven’t posted in far too long. I’ve gotten into a groove here and I think I might be superstitious that if I write about it, something awful will happen to mess up said groove. Well, too late now, I guess.

Life is feeling…normal. Well, normal-ish, as normal as I can feel in a town without sidewalks.

Here are some sweet updates on the local happenings.

The radio station finally has live streaming online at http://www.kinifm.com/listen/ If you want to listen to me being particularly ridiculous, I have a “show” from 2-5 am central that I like to call Insomniac Cafe. If you’ve ever wondered what I would say if I thought no one is listening, this will answer those probing questions. Except I’m not allowed to curse.

As for the book challenge, I’m kind of way behind, but right now I’m reading Anna Karenina, so I’m accumulating a good deal of literati, book-snob, pretentious points. Ka-ching! Can’t wait to put those into action, especially when wearing the cheap cowboy boots I bought two weeks ago in Valentine. Because I dearly love being a contradiction. There are few things more enjoyable than discussing the finer points of Tolstoy and then making a fart joke (My mom says someone might actually love me someday, but I think she’s mostly just trying to convince herself).

All other news is pretty boring, but I’m staying busy and involved. I may or may not be attending a party tonight and an MMA fight tomorrow evening. I think April decided to make up for the doldrums of winter by getting real busy real fast.

I hope all my fabulous readers have as an enjoyable weekend planned as I do.


About Maggie

Hilarious drifter. Well groomed bum.
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