Who Needs Rest Anyways?

It’s almost midnight and tomorrow I’ll be getting up at 5 am because once again I’m filling in as morning DJ. But for some reason, I can’t sleep.

Homesickness has hit me pretty hard lately. Maybe it’s the weather, the monotony, the lack of people, the friggin weather, or maybe it’s knowing that most of the other JV’s from the South went to New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras this weekend and I barely left the house for three days. But what used to be an annoyingly chipper and enthusiastic attitude has slumped noticeably.

Sorry to be such a debbie downer. I know spring has to get here eventually and the sun will shine again and temperatures eventually have to get above freezing and stay there. But it’s certainly taking it’s sweet miserable time to get that way.

Stupid seasonal affective disorder. You don’t exist in my homeland!


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Hilarious drifter. Well groomed bum.
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1 Response to Who Needs Rest Anyways?

  1. Mom says:

    I could be the mother form hell and say, “It’s Lent, offer it up!” But instead I”m going to tell you that we miss you much and love you more. This too shall pass.
    Hand in there

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