I Think I Might Like It Here

So I’ve actually been to two parties the past two weekends. Living in South Dakota is starting to feel…normal. Oh don’t you worry your pretty reader heads. There’s still lots of oddities about my particular placement. For example, on Saturday Neil and I drove two hours to Pierre. Mike and Monica weren’t up for the longish car trip, but I felt no hesitations about spending 4 hours in a car just to be in a place with sidewalks. This is probably not how most people in the world operate.

We ended up meeting Christine (a teacher who lives in Mission and attends Mass at St. Charles) and her parents for Saturday evening Mass at St. Peter and Paul parish. Oh my goodness how wonderful was it to be in a church full of people once again. I enjoy the fact that I know the priests around the reservation personally and have gotten to know many of the parishioners, especially at St. Brigit’s in Rosebud. That being said, there’s also something comforting and heartwarming about attending a strange parish and not knowing the priest or any of the people attending and yet feeling exactly at home. Being Catholic is A. awesome B. convenient no matter where you travel and C. AWESOME.

After Mass, Christine’s parents invited us to dinner. Not only was it nice to share a meal with a family, but this set of parents was just the right blend of kooky and friendly and warm to feel enough like my own family. It put me in a good enough place where I didn’t even feel too left out or homesick yesterday while skyping most of my family as they live it up in San Diego, plan my brother’s wedding and play with the nephew (I miss him the most. THE MOST).

After dinner and a then a beer at a local coffee shop with Neil, we drove back to the house, and I got right back into the car to join Christine at a party of TFA’ers. Dancing, chatting and crashing on a couch only to wake up at 7am and drive home ensued.

Just to re-cap, that was a 4 hour round trip drive for a latte, Mass, dinner and a beer, then another 1 hour round trip to drive to a party (and the way back was in the snow). I used to be able to bike to all of that and spend maybe 20 minutes traveling. These are the oddities that are enmeshed in South Dakota. See also, the friggin’ snow.

And since everything was shut down due to the foot of snow that fell all Sunday, I lazed on the couch and watched half a season of Nip/Tuck.

What a great weekend.


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