It’s Like Eggs 101

I’m beginning to worry that my increased proclivity towards introspection may be causing me to become more self-centered.

Following that note, I’ve realized that setting up small goals for each day is kind of one of the better ways to remain sane when I feel underworked. I’ve got the big goals-read 100 books and…uh… do some other stuff I’m sure-but I also need the smaller chunks of accomplishments to make me feel like today wasn’t totally wasted. This isn’t just a concomitant coping mechanism exclusive to this place. I’m sure I should probably keep this up my entire life.

However, lately there has been one small goal which just seems out of reach.

I can’t poach a friggin’ egg! Sure, the video makes it look so easy, but every time, the dang thing separates and the whites froth up and c’mon, just poach! I don’t actually get angry though. This just means I get to keep looking forward to trying to successfully poach an egg for lunch every day. Also, when the most frustrating task of my day is a simple egg cooking method, I know my life is pretty sweet.  And when (if) I finally master this highly valued skill, I can just try and poach an egg…in the shell.

Because how hard is it to poach a dadgummed egg?! It’s like, eggs 101.

(I was going to include a very relevant link here to a clip from Archer, but it was entirely inappropriate.)


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