Not Again. C’mon Man, Be Cool.

Aw nerds, Valentine’s day is coming up again. That holiday would suck, if I lived anywhere near a commercial center. Instead, I’m really looking forward to watching Harold and Maude and making some kind of chocolate cake. This chocolate cake. Although this was also tempting. Or this. (AGH! Why do I even look at that website? Bon Appétit, stop haunting my dreams.) Of course, when the grocery store in Valentine, NE actually carries a chocolate stout (their beer selection is so sad. So so sad. Which is probably for the better, on my limited stipend. But a girl still dreams), I pretty much take that simple bottle of beer as a sign from God to make a chocolate stout cake. Oh right, and Neil had the audacity to be born on February 14, so if he asks, the cake is totally for his birthday and not simply because I just really really want to bake a chocolate stout cake next weekend. Like, maybe there’s a little unhealthy compulsion involved.

Speaking of baking. I’ve been going crazy lately. The snow and the cold and being cooped up inside can really start to make a person go a little nuts. However, looking up and then bringing to life different baked goods and other recipes can really do wonders for my sanity. Something feels so good about spending hours in the kitchen, mixing sugar and butter together, cleaning a sink full of dirty dishes so I can dirty them again with sugar and cream. Today, a banana cake with whipped cream cheese frosting. We had heart shaped baking pans, so I finessed that into a double layer kind-of football looking thing. Whatever, it tastes good, alright? Eat it and like it. Well, you just get to read about it, but hopefully my community mates and anyone who braves the snow to join our Super Bowl party will enjoy it. I sent the word out to pretty much every person my age I’ve met within a 60 mile radius of here to join us.

We’ll see if anyone comes.


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