All Work and No Play

Three days of canceled work and staying inside to avoid losing any fingers or toes can lead to a little craziness if you’re not careful.

So I like to keep busy. Like removing the backbone from a whole chicken and then chopping it into parts. BAM. Like a boss. I’m sure it was an ugly job, but I did it, and then braised that bird carcass for some portuguese chicken (sadly, not a family recipe but, once again, from Bon Appétit). I also made bread from scratch. Basically, I spent all day in the kitchen and I kind of loved it. Patricia’s offer to be her housewife gets more and more appealing.

Also, I finished another book. I’ve read 45 so far. I’m still behind, but hey, I’ve still got the worst part of winter to get through.



About Maggie

Hilarious drifter. Well groomed bum.
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