South Dakota and the Art of Zen

Yeah, I know. I haven’t updated in about a week. For the most part, life feels…normal. And who on earth wants to hear about normal? I’ve had to focus on letting go of some control issues and lately, embracing the chaos has been working marvelously for me. I’m zen as potatoes right now. Being out here just seems like a job, like any other job I’ve held in my life. It’s got it’s own headaches and happy days. If I’m underworked, I’ve alerted them to the situation and until I’m given more hours, I’m enjoying reading and watching Dexter on Netflix instant. Once I got past my “must save the world” mentality, I relaxed. Maybe I’m being selfish out here, maybe I’m finally getting the point. I enjoy working at the radio station, especially whenever I learn how to put together a show or record an announcement on my own and become just that more self sufficient in my work there. Teaching even has its rewards…sometimes. Mostly with first graders. I don’t know why those tiny little spazoids are so endearing, but gosh darnit, if I haven’t started looking forward to my Thursdays.

Last weekend I went to Rapid City to celebrate the birthday of one of the Teach for America people I’ve befriended. Sometimes I feel like I’m collecting trading cards. Oh, I know three who work at American Horse School and two who work at Todd County Middle School, now let’s see…I need to befriend some who work at St. Francis. I had a swinging time in the RC, though.  We dressed each other in outfits purchased at the thrift store and then went to karaoke. Good old fashioned silly fun. I had been particularly missing themed parties, so that was especially fun.

This weekend Monica and I are headed off to Rapid City because, once again, the boys got to go out of town. Something about Marquette and talking about St. Francis Mission. Send me somewhere! I’ll go talk to kids at Davis! I bet there are more Catholic kids interested in service at UCD than at Marquette! Certainly not a higher percentage, but definitely more kids (because we’re a way bigger school).

All in all, it’s been a lovely week and I’m hoping the next one is also swell, even if the boys won’t be here.

There’s a scrumptious recipe for brownies in my latest Bon Appetit (thanks Trish, although you know this is like a normal person reading an exotic travel magazine. I can’t even find a place that sells these ingredients, let alone afford them. No matter though, because I completely enjoy drooling over the pictures and squealing when I read the recipes) and those brownies need to be made. You lost out, Mike and Neil. You. Lost. Out.


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