Do You Smell That?

No, it’s not what The Rock is cooking.

It’s the savory smell of change in the air. The St. Francis Mission has plans in the works to build a new school. In the coming months, Fr. Hatcher has asked Monica, Matt (the new Jesuit novice at the mission) and me to visit people in their homes and talk to them about this school as well as about the Church. Call it community outreach, call it getting to know my neighbors, call it customer service, whatever this is, I am psyched.

I love talking to people, especially when I have a specific agenda. I’m not trying to convert anyone, but visiting someone in their home with a set topic and just asking if they have any questions or concerns is a whole lot easier for me than small talk. Plus, I love seeing where a smile and friendly attitude can take me. Of course, this job is probably going to be a lot tougher than flashing a grin, but the challenge is also exciting. We should start calling people up and asking to stop by for a chat as early as next week.

I’m so ready for this, let’s go.


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