Not That I’m Special, But…

Well guess what, my lovely readers. Your favorite blogger (shhh, I know you read other blogs, just pretend with me for a hot minute) has been published in a magazine. My write up about the sweat was included in the JVC magazine. Yeah! What now! As you can tell, I’m writing this after completing 20 miles on the exercise bike so my adrenaline is making me a little more excited than maybe necessary. This is really cool though. I do have to say, however, that with my first published work comes my first taste of editing. I realize that my original submission had to be cut down to fit in the space allotted, but when I read the article in the magazine and I have a tendency to be ah, wordy, it didn’t sound like I had written it. Throughout my scholastic career, academic integrity has been seared into my very core, namely concerning plagiarism and adequately citing sources. What I mean to say is, I was indoctrinated. Don’t put your name on something unless it’s actually yours. In all honesty, the article didn’t sound like I had written it and I feel slightly uncomfortable having my name attached to it. I’m also completely unfamiliar with the magazine business and this is probably how all articles become reality. All in all, it’s pretty bangin’ that I was published at all.

Besides, the best write up about it was right here in the blog and you guys are the only people I really care about.

Haha, I’m so full of it my eyes are turning brown.


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Hilarious drifter. Well groomed bum.
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