Real Quick Like

I’m leaving for San Antonio for Re-Orientation with everybody from Orientation. I’m excited to see what the other JV’s have been up to.

Here in South Dakota, it is really really cold. Like, they’ve been letting school out early because it’s so cold. It will be -17 tonight and that’s not including the windchill cold. I’m excited to go to San Antonio where it will be 40 degrees cold. I laugh every time anyone in California complains about their cold cold.

I’ve been feeling underworked, but they’re getting more stuff for me to do. Should be fun, interesting, frustrating, wonderful.

Neil’s coming back today and not that I missed him or anything, but if you ask Mike and Monica I’ve been “moping in my room” for the past week. Psh, have not.

So, in summary, things look on the up and up.

Be back in a week!


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Hilarious drifter. Well groomed bum.
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