More About the Weather

I probably talk about the weather too much, but this is all so new and wondrous to me. I keep discovering mild phenomena that I’m sure snow people (yeah, you snow people are all the same to me) have incorporated into their lives as commonplace but which to me are still exciting and delightful. For example, I shoveled my first driveway a few days ago. I suppose it’s no worse than having to dig out a clogged culvert in the pouring rain (ok, this is also not a commonplace occurrence for most people, but my back story is littered with country anecdotes), but wow, it kind of sucks that people have to take care of this issue every time it precipitates in winter. Also, did you know there are different kinds of snow? I mean, once it has fallen. Yes, there are big drops of rain and driving rain and light drizzles, but once it hits the ground, bam, it’s just water. Sometimes it makes mud and sometimes it just makes the asphalt smell bad, but there’s not much more going on than that. Snow, though, is a very fickle form of getting your water out of the sky. I haven’t been able to build a snowman or a giant ball of snow (I’ve been told this is somehow an amazing experience. Ummm…okay, Neil, sure, we’ll see) because the snow is too soft. C’mon! You are SNOW! Stop being so volatile and let me play with you! Rain, at least has the common decency to make mud, which is always awesome and the only variance is how much mud gets created. Rain, mud, done. It’s simple, easy, reliable.

But here’s been on of my favorite winter observances. Because of the wind and the powdery snow, there are often patches of road where a light dusting of snow continuously sweeps across the pavement, creating an eerie and spooky effect like driving through a river of souls. Not so creepy in the bright sunlight on my way to work this morning, but on a more ominous day, with dark gathering clouds and night rapidly overtaking the waning light…perhaps a bit more hair-raising.

I hope my post about the weather didn’t bore y’all too much! Remember, you just have to read about it. I get to live with it.

Oh, and I also feel the need to say that I’m really kind of digging this weather and the snow activities in which I have been able to participate. It might be a little early on in the winter to say this, but I may just end up living in a snow state one say. I mean, I already bought the boots and the socks and the gloves and the long underwear and dear sweet economics it is expensive living where the weather changes!


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  1. G says:

    At least the property is usually cheaper to make up for it! Than again that’s because NO ONE WANTS TO LIVE THERE!

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