Oh, This Is What You Meant by Winter

This post is dedicated to everyone I know who is currently living in California or Arizona. Most likely anyone from a snow state will roll their eyes at anything I have to say here, but my CA and AZ people, I know you’ll back me up that this is insanity.

Right now it is -4 degrees outside. That’s Fahrenheit. It does not include the wind chill factor. Oh no, that would bring the temperature down to -24, because this is the freaking prairie and the wind does whatever it damn well pleases. It’s been snowing for the past two days and the town is pretty much shut down. We all got New Year’s Eve off from work, so I might not have gone outside much today anyways, but let me tell you. There’s a lot of snow out there.

Now, a normal person would see all that snow, read the temperature and think, “There is absolutely no reason to leave this house today.” A normal person would enjoy feeling their toes and having eyelashes free of ice. A normal person wouldn’t have nearly an interesting blog. (A normal person would probably also have way more humility…sucker).

This is the coldest weather I have ever experienced. I had to go outside. I bundled up as much as I could and trekked out. Walking was laughably difficult. I was winded just standing out there. The snow piles up in some places and not at all in others. I tried to recall my days of pretending the carpet was hot lava and move quickly from bare patch to bare patch, Of course, this usually meant wading knee deep through snow to get there.

How do people live out here for real? Did you know there are places where it never snows? Where, right now, it is 60 degrees and people consider that to be cold? Where you can walk easily from one place to the other during every season?

Oh who am I kidding? I think this is awesome and tomorrow I’m making a snowman.

Happy New Year, everybody!



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Hilarious drifter. Well groomed bum.
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1 Response to Oh, This Is What You Meant by Winter

  1. Pam Mckernan says:

    Happy New Year Maggie: I’m just catching up with all your posts since June. Better late than…as they say. Just for the record, it’s damn cold here in Berkeley and we’re all complaining about it being a shocking 47 degrees (how do you do superscript on this thing?). I love your posts (not so sure about the Christmas video – signs of complete desperation there and you kept hiding behind your hair) because they’re heartfelt and not all facebooky and self-satisfyingly trivial. Re: “being useful” and making a difference in the world. I think we sometimes confuse “doing good works” or working for a particular social justice organization with actually making a difference in someone’s life. Sometimes those two things coincide, sometimes they don’t. However, I think you can be sure that being true to yourself minute by minute in every interaction is the way you can be most useful to others. Wishing you all the best for the coming year….

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