Oh crap. I woke up late for work today. First time since I started the early morning gig that I overslept. But don’t worry, I made it, crawling over the icy road and darn near having to kick in the door to the station because it was frozen shut. FROZEN. You know what else couldn’t stand the ice? The station itself. At about 7:30, because of all the ice accumulation (I’d get more technical in my explanation but I don’t actually understand any of this), we were no longer broadcasting. And by we, I mean me, because I was the only one holed up in there. However, the roads were too icy at this point to drive home, so I had to stay at the station and answer phones, letting people know what businesses were starting late. My manager warned me to keep the heat on way up high in case the power went out, I would stay warmer longer.
Meanwhile, back in sunny California, I hear they’re getting pummeled with rain. Awwww, really? Are you guys getting a little wet? My door was frozen shut! I was nearly stranded at the station and frozen to death! I was pushed to ridiculous exaggeration because of all the ice! Not to mention, and this was worst of all, I didn’t get to go pick up Trish, leaving her all alone at the house with Neil and Mike. Poor girl, shut up with those two. I hope she’s ok. Not getting frozen.

Then the radio starts working again and I get to announce all the businesses canceling work today, including the St. Francis Mission. Wait a minute, isn’t that where I work? Yes, but I have to stay here and reassure the rest of humanity, I mean, the town, that they don’t have to work today, at least until someone comes on a four wheeler to drive me home. That sounds a wee bit chilly.  I’d be mad, but to be honest, I use it as an excuse to say even more ridiculous things on air.

“This KINI, the radio station that let’s you know what’s up and what’s shutting down. Stay warm y’all!”


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1 Response to ICED

  1. Dave says:

    You’re the one who wanted a blizzard? I can barely tell from all the whining.

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