What Now, New Orleans?

Out here on the prairie it can be cold, lonely and boring.

However, I like to consider myself devastatingly handsome optimistic and will now take this opportunity to point out some of the benefits of living on the rez.

Ten Things about St. Francis, South Dakota that are actually kind of awesome:

1. I giggle every time I see someone driving a tractor on the road.

2. The other night, my CMs and I played water pong. It was simple, hilarious and awesome.

3. Since moving here, I don’t think I’ve met one vegetarian.

4. I have gotten free meat though, including venison and elk.

5. On Thanksgiving, I drank scotch and watched football with three Jesuit priests. One of my best Turkey Day memories.

6. When “Lodi” by CCR plays on the radio and I say I’ve been there, people are kind of impressed.

7. I no longer live anywhere near Lodi, CA.

8. All the dejected Broncos and Vikings fans glare at my Philip Rivers jersey and I laugh.

9. No Raiders fans.

10. I don’t think snow will ever stop being magical in my eyes.


About Maggie

Hilarious drifter. Well groomed bum.
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3 Responses to What Now, New Orleans?

  1. G says:


  2. G says:


  3. Maggie says:

    You know I love you despite your peculiarities, G.

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