Hello, Best Night Ever

I received an interesting text yesterday. It sprang alive my usually quiet cell phone at around 3:30pm to inform me of a concert that was going to take place at 9 pm in Pierre. The concert was a band of mostly Teach for America volunteers, and the concert would include a guest appearance by Audrey, a TFA volunteer the JV’s have befriended and the author of the text. As you may recall, I’ve been feeling restless. Bored, even. So yes, I most certainly wanted to go. Unfortunately, no one else in the house did. Here comes the decision of the night. Weighing in each corner…the two hour drive there, mostly in the dark; the two hour back, starting out at midnight maybe?; the drive alone…vs…sitting at home watching a movie and feeling the itchy desire to be almost anywhere else and possibly resenting my fellow JV’s simply for stating their preference for the night’s activity.


Of course I went. I can’t complain about being bored because there a greater variety of TV channels in my life than human beings and then NOT GO. How would that be sacking up? It wouldn’t, that’s how. So I pounded an energy drink to get me there, headed out early to give me plenty of time to deal with unexpected weather, and tried to find a happy medium between keeping my windshield clear of steam and not suffocating from the defroster heat. Mom, you can relax, the drive was easy and pleasant. No worse than some of the trips I’ve made between SLO and Davis. I barely saw any cars except for when I had to make a quick stop to, uh, melt some ice on the side of the road. Seriously, how is that the only time I see cars? Can’t a girl try to avoid an indecency in public charge in peace and quiet?

Since I had given myself way too much time to get to Pierre I arrived at the middle of nowhere bar at about 7 pm and it was awkwardly empty. There were about 5 people in their late 30s or 40s who all seemed to know each other. I not only looked out of place, I was also in a heavy jacket and a thick beanie with earflaps and a yarn ball on top of it, so I look like a twelve year old trying to pass herself of as of age by ordering a gin and tonic. But my ID proved I deserved to be there, and I nursed that $2.50 G&T until people showed up.

So yeah, the band was fantastic. They are called Also Like The Wind, which is a TFA inside joke. This was also their last show together because the drummer currently live in Pennsylvania and drove all the way just for this show. The bar was full of teachers from around South Dakota and at one point I realized I hadn’t been around this many people in their twenties since Orientation. That’s like 4 months without being in a crowd of young strangers, which is probably one of my favorite activities. I danced almost all night, jumping around and singing along to the lyrics like the spaz I am and love. I may not have known many people when I first got there, but that’s never really been a detraction for me, now has it? I was dancing, talking and laughing with, well, with a boat load of teachers. I felt like I was hanging out with my mom’s family. The band played covers of all kinds of different songs and people danced the entire time. When the show finally ended around 2 am, I knew I needed to go, but I could have gone on for another hour at least. I was so charged up on how much fun I had and making new friends, I was almost grateful for the two hour drive to calm down and maybe actually be able to sleep when I got home. I am so happy I went to that concert. Not only did I have a pants-kicking great time, but I had a mini revelation. After that first drink, I just started knocking back water, and at the end of the night, I remembered clearly everything I had done. And I hadn’t been sloppy or embarrassing or um, eh, if you know what I’m talking about, I don’t need to explain anymore. If not, well, let’s keep you thinking I’m responsible. I’m not saying I’m never going to drink again. Having a beer or wine with a friend is another favorite activity, and unless there’s an awesome band playing, bars can be awful when you’re sober. What I am saying is that it was a lot of fun to be clear minded and just not such a mess and focus on dancing like a goofball all night rather than getting drinks.

Oh no, I’m not growing up and maturing, am I? But I have so much more havoc to wreak! I guess I’ll just have to get more creative in the trouble I create for myself. And then remember it.


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