So, um Neil was saying today how he wished he got mail and he mentioned once how his sister reads this blog. So um, Neil’s sister, this is the best way I know how to ask if you’d like to send your brother a letter or postcard or let his other friends know, I think he’d really appreciate it.

Or anyone else out there who’d like to write any of us something.

P.O. Box 499

St. Francis, SD 57572

Thanks all, hope your weekend is lovely.


About Maggie

Hilarious drifter. Well groomed bum.
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3 Responses to Psssst

  1. Meaghan Conlisk says:

    Man, you are really good at dropping a subtle hint. Maybe I’ll read this post again, just in case I didn’t catch want you wanted. Those hints are tricky sometimes.
    Neil’s Sister.

  2. Maggie says:

    Yeah subtlety has never been my strong suit. Like when I read your comment and started laughing and then your brother asked what was so funny. Whoops. Just don’t tell him I wrote this post. I’m just flattered you actually read my blog.
    Thanks, Meaghan!

  3. Maggie says:

    Oh, and I’m also not making any sort of commentary on how well you keep in touch with your brother. I think he meant he’d like to receive mail from his friends, but you’re the only person I have any clue how to contact.
    Unless, you know, you wanted to send the entire house some See’s candy or something. HINT HINT
    That’s how subtlety works, right?

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