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Something big (well, big for here) has been in the works now for a little over a week. I was going to make a teaser announcement awhile back, but I guess I got too caught up with life to blog about it. The horror.

But yes, something giddily exciting is starting up tomorrow. Neil and I are going to host a weekly radio show! Yes, I realize I’m already on the radio for several hours 5 days a week, but this is so very different, ladies and gentlemen. For one, technically I’m still just a temp for the morning Dj gig and could be replaced at any time. For two, I have a pretty standardized list of commercials and announcements to play and that takes up the majority of any speaking time, so the creative process doesn’t have much room to blossom. And for three…for this show I get to plan ahead and write a dorky comedy script and pretend I’m funny! So it’s kind of like this blog, but I get to play music!

And what is this radio show, you’re probably not asking? Well, it is called All Songs Considered and doesn’t really adhere to any set genre. Rather, Neil and I chose a theme each week and then scour the music world for any and all songs that have anything to do with that theme. I will admit, though, that we both lean pretty heavily on the classic rock in our own personal tastes, so that will probably be over represented (like South Dakota in Congress! Sorry, California, but my vote counts for so much more now). The inaugural show is tomorrow at 5:30pm and the theme will be Planes, Trains and Automobiles. We settled on that theme because it was “catchy” (ripping off movie titles is creative, right? Sure, the same way ripping off NPR show titles for our titles is imaginative) and because there were a veritable boatload of appropriate songs (the irony here being that there will be no boat songs included in the theme). Next week’s theme will be Where in the World is All Songs Considered? Songs about different places all over the entire world! This is exciting… if you’re me.

I’m clearly stupidly excited about all of this.

There may also be a possibility that we will be able to post these as podcasts, but I’m making absolutely no promises because I’m pretty sure computers run off of unicorn breath and software is something like cashmere sweaters. Granted I’m obviously not an expert, but it would seem like knowledge of both of those things would be needed to get anything like a show on the interwebs.


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