And Then I Ate Some More

Whoah there. Looks like I haven’t posted anything in awhile. My bad.

Thanksgiving was marvelous. I got to watch football with some Jesuit priests and eat way too much. I also beat a grown man in a push up contest, which is always heartwarming.

We then had a thanksgiving dinner on Saturday night with just the four of us, plus Mike’s girlfriend. That, too, was lovely. Afterwards we decorated for Christmas and played games. It was sickeningly adorable, I assure you.  Yesterday was a lazy day of watching tv, reading and napping. And celebrating the Chargers laying a beat down on the Colts. BOOM.

I missed my family a little bit, especially when I called the house and everyone was gathered in my parents’ living room, passing around the baby. Or when I wasn’t in the annual ridiculous family Christmas photo. However, I really enjoyed spending time with the people who are here. Home’s starting to feel less and less like “home.” I guess this is a sign that a profession that keeps me moving and living in different (perhaps exotic or…what would you call Afghanistan? Crappy?) locales may be the life for me.Or a pirate’s life. For me. Yo ho ho.

I suppose an update of my work life is in order. I have been asked to contribute more time to the radio station. They are still looking for a permanent morning DJ, so for now I’m still cranking out the country tunes and making announcements (it’s kind of snowing today? EVERYTHING has been cancelled). Once they hire my replacement, I will get to work on more behind the scenes details and that should be exciting. What’s kind of cool about all this is that I didn’t really ask to work at the station, they just assigned me to work more there and I’ve ended up really liking it. Hopefully they like me too.

Since I’m taking on more responsibilities at KINI, I’m loosening my ties with the Generations of Faith program, etc. I will, of course, help with the actual presentations, but it’s no longer my baby.

As for the religious education classes, the regular teacher and I have split each class so I take half of each class and lead them on my own. Sometimes children are a pain in the butt, sometimes I feel like I might have actually taught them something. I can see why people would feel called to teach, but it’s still not my mug of beer. Or cup of tea or whatever it is you kids say these days.

Other than that, I am still feeling happy and positive. Our exercise bike is out of batteries so I’m taking a break from exercising. We’ll see how long it takes the craziness to set in. I want to wish everyone who reads this thing Happy Holidays especially if you wandered in from Google because of my overzealous pie linkage and actually read an entire post.

I hope y’all are warmer than I am (or at least, than the weather is. I’ve been getting hot flashes like a 53 year old mom. I think I’m going to go stand in the snow).


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