Status Report: Week 14

14 Weeks. 22 Books.

Technically, I’m still behind, since it has been 3 months and I should have read 25 books by now, but considering I’ve read 4 books in the past week, I think I’m setting a good pace.

I revisited some old favorties, A Princess of Mars and Fahrenheit 451 (what? Science fiction geek? How dare you?). I’m also relishing in history books, as always.

I think the books which weigh most heavily on my mind (and not necessarily in a bad way) are those two sci fi classics (well, the whole Barsoom series of which I am on book 3). I read Ray Bradbury’s classic in 7th grade and I remember discussing how much of what he predicted was already prevalent in our society. Obviously, being the kind of person who gives herself the challenge to read 100 books in 1 year, I respect and adore books, and for precisely the reasons explained to Guy Montag by the men who follow the railroad tracks (just read the friggin’ book). It’s not just the pages and the words (I’ve read some truly awful books. And some mediocre ones). It’s the way they dig into your brain and shove you, either causing you to go in their direction or shove back, but either way moving you out of complacency and mental, spiritual, intellectual stagnation.

As for the Edgar Rice Burroughs, his main character John Carter would be bragging about himself throughout the entire series, but when you are that baller, it’s just called telling the truth. BAM. (What? Who says all books have to be morally and mentally uplifting? Not ERB, that’s for damn sure.)

Well then, back to the pages.


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