Really? That’s It?

Well thanks for the reminder in humility. I thought I was all cool beans and fresh linens with my blog but then only one person made a guess as to my challenge and reminded me that nope, still not that cool. But thanks anyways, Heather.

So the challenge then.

I’ve decided to read 100 books in 1 year. That’s about 2 books a week. Also, technically this challenge has been going on since August 15. I’m at 19 books. So…277 days and 81 books to go.

Now let’s talk rules.

Obviously I could read 100 children’s books easily. But if you take a look at the books I’ve already read, I think you’ll agree that I’ll try to stick to weightier tomes. I’m looking at this as an opportunity to finally get to a lot of books I’ve always wanted to read.  But I will also admit that I have a craving for Edgar Rice Burroughs, whose science fiction books might not be the longest or most difficult to read, but hey, they heavily influenced American support for a space program, so don’t knock the Barsoom series.

Also, because I’m limited by money and access to volumes, books on the internet count (also, this is how I’m going to read so much ERBSO MUCH).

Another interesting aspect of this undertaking is the apparent risks. I mean, besides paper cuts (terrifying, right?), there is the temptation to get lost in my books and ignore my community members. But that’s what life’s about…balancing our involvements.

I’m excited to get my read on. And by “read” I mean “nerd.” Currently I’m working my way through a history of the framing of the Constitution (Oh James Madison, you silly little genius) and another on Jesuit spirituality.

Also going on, today is the Marines‘ 235th Birthday, so Happy Birthday to my father, my grandfather and the Pooh.

AND you can watch The Walking Dead for FREE on Hulu! I mean, I’m going to watch them all on AMC anyways, but still, I’m very giddy to find out that I can get my zombie fix online anytime. WOOHOO


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