And Just Be

During the past week, I’ve had a few moments of composed contentment. At this point in time, I actually feel really good about my job, about my Community mates, about making friends out here, about life…man. So let me share a moment or two.

Halmi, the guy who invited me to the sweat, is rebuilding his sweat lodge and is allowing me to help out. On Friday (? You know, I can’t exactly recall which day), I met him out by a creek and we cut down some willow trees that will get stripped down and turned into the frame of the sweat lodge. Out there, with the golden fall grass and the bare trees, the calm blue sky holding an understated sun and witholding any breeze, staring at the way the water bent through the hills, I felt…good. Deep down in my soul good.

Yesterday, my friend asked if I wanted to go check out an eagle’s nest. Of course I did. We drove out into some cow pastures and there was a thick mess of sticks wedged into the tree branches. Unfortunately, we didn’t see the eagles, but with the wind blowing and the sun starting to set and looking around where the half dome of the sky meets the horizon, I didn’t see anything. Just hills and grass. I felt…good.

Maybe it’s the 20-30 miles I bike every day that’s releasing endorphins, but I’ve been feeling calmer lately. I’ve got a good feeling about this year, and I’ve also got the feeling that I don’t need to rush anything or over think too much. Just be.


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Hilarious drifter. Well groomed bum.
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