What the Heck Is Falling From the Sky?

It snowed today! There were also winds upwards of 40 mph and gusts upwards of 60 mph (or at least, we were in a high wind warning, which means winds that strong). The snow never came on thick and melted away by the afternoon, but I still found it terribly exciting. When my manager at the radio station told me it was snowing I ran outside, childishly giddy. I love stormy weather. I like it when the elements let you know they’re there. When they cry out in fierce blows and convulse in torrid sheets of anger. When the air becomes crisp and vigorous, bringing a sharp sting to your face and a bright glow to any exposed skin.

Clearly, this place is very poetic for me. We’ll see what I think of all this in February, eh? But as of right now, I’m still in love with winter (it’s only a precursor to winter here, but this would be the worst weather ever in California) and excited about snow. It was so beautiful with a light dusting of snow on the golden prairies, and then the wind racing through the grass.

Also, our program coordinator Heather is visiting (she reads this blog, too. HI HEATHER! I know you love us more than New Orleans but you can’t say it). Yesterday we had a day of reflection where we re-visited our perception of community. Kind of like a retreat where we discussed our different ways of communicating and what each of us prioritizes and how we think we’re doing as a community. At the end of it (and after some serious prayers), I actually felt quite calm about where I am in my life and the people that surround me. And then today I had a conversation with Heather and got all worked up again, haha. Sometimes I just feel like a spaz of energy with no where to direct it. But I still feel pretty positive about life and what not. I think sometimes that feeling so good about where I am in my life then makes me feel kind of guilty. “What? You’re happy and content? Clearly you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough!” Geez, when did I become such a cranky old man? (About a year and a half ago.) But my mind start whirring a million miles an hour and then I get all wound up and anxious inside. Better than being angsty, I suppose.

Well, I best be going off to bed now. Another early morning awaits.


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