Oh the life and times of a morning radio DJ. From 6-7 am, I play all native music, which means grabbing a handful of cds from the back room, choosing a random song and pressing play. I would be happy to do this without every uttering a word, but the manager of the radio station wants me to develop a radio personality and make my time on the air into something that resembles a morning radio show. Dammit, I hate those. They are ever so annoying. But I’m trying to embrace it and let my inner attention seeking narcissist take over, but not too much (it’s working). After 7 I get to play country music, which is still just me choosing random songs that are displayed in green (red is native music, purple means the song is appropriate to play after the funeral announcements, and I have no idea what pink and blue songs are). Sometimes the songs are mislabeled (turns out Mr. Bojangles by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band is really by Jim Croce. Best mistake I made all day). I also read announcements, the birthday list, the funeral announcements and in general try not to verbally maim any Lakota words (try. and fail).

In all honesty, this new job, which will probably only last about two or three weeks until they hire a replacement from the town, is more like a distraction than anything else. I’m just playing music, but it’s nice to get up and have somewhere to go and someone saying “You need to do this.”  Out here I often feel like I’m pushing metaphorical paper from the in basket to the out basket just for the sake of feeling like I accomplished something.

Last night we hosted some of the teachers from the Todd County Middle School who are around our age, and they actually work. And I felt a little useless.

But hey, I get to be on the radio on Monday. Also, we have a presentation on the Saints-week 2 tomorrow in Rosebud and hopefully more people will show up.


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