Big Freaking Statues

Ok, so since I posted my whiny post, I also wanted to share my pretty awesome adventure from Saturday. We decided it was FINALLY time to check out Mount Rushmore (named after a lawyer from South Dakota who just happened to ask what that mountain was called, but apparently it wasn’t…according to very reliable sources) and then head out to Crazy Horse.

Rushmore was friggin’ sweet, but then, I do have a bit of a history crush on Teddy Roosevelt (how can you NOT?). Also, they lay on the patriotism pretty thick over there.


Oh TR, you're so hot right now.

I told them to look presidential.


Crazy Horse is monumental (hahahaha, I’m sorry. That was lame, I know). Not just the mountain carving itself, which will take probably another 150 years to complete, but the entire story about how the mountain got started and the people working on it. Did you know the monument has never received any federal funding? That’s a libertarian’s monument, right there.  Also, because we have sweet JVC connections, we got to go to the top of the monument. Yup, standing right there on the arm next to Crazy Horse’s phenomenally giant head.


How rude.

Somebody's really excited to be here. The other guy was just kind of sat there in a stony silence the whole time.


I was of course, awe struck and impressed by these tremendous mountain enterprises, but I was kept thinking…why? People are very very passionate about these projects, but are they incontrovertibly beneficial? Re-sculpting expansive rock formations requires a lot of time and energy, with consequences we usually associate with natural disasters. I don’t want to sound like a Greenpeace hippie (I don’t EVER want to sound like that), but is it really worth it? The presidents, Crazy Horse; they were just men. In fact, Crazy Horse was a general. And he eventually lost his war. Sure, he represents more than that, but I can’t help like we are bestowing glory for glory’s sake. Just creating something huge and a cause to support purely so that we have something to believe in. It’s…it’s disheartening really, in the end.


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