Allow Me a Moment to Wallow

As you might remember, Sunday was the Saints presentation. A grand total of 4 people showed up, but hey, that’s loooaaads more than showed up to movie night. I would like to say it went well, but um, it was four people, so really, who knows if it had any impact at all. We should actually have more people next week since many people were attending a powwow in Rapid City this weekend for Native American Day (you totally uncool and un-PC people might have celebrated Columbus Day. Racists.)

After the presentation, though, we asked the people who were there what we could do to make the Generations of Faith program more effective. Have it at a different time? On a different day? What? They didn’t really have any suggestions but one older woman did ask how she could talk to her grown children about coming back into the faith. Hahahaha, yeah, because I know everything and have magical powers of understanding the complex dynamics of family relationships from a 2 minute conversation where you complain about your ex-husband. Also, I have the solution for misinformation about the Catholic Church all over the world. Did I mention I fart rainbows and breed unicorns?

I’m starting to get the feeling that maybe I don’t want to change the world. At least not in this way. It’s a little early to turn into cold heartless disillusioned capitalist (mmmm, someday), but what I really mean is that I’m not really a teacher. I don’t have the patience. Or the tolerance for childish behavior (oh my goodness, the gossip that flies around when people get together. Disgusting). And I really really really miss cheap, fresh, easily-accessible produce. And being able to watch the Chargers and the Sharks on tv. But not nearly as much as I miss hanging out with my friends.

I’m not going to lie. It’s been a rather low week. And there are still 10 months to go (19 until OCS).



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