Let’s Canonize Some Beezies

My inclination towards procrastination that I so lovingly developed throughout college (What? Write a 20 page paper in 4 days and get an A on it? How could I be so irresponsible?), has not left me, although it has eased some since I have so much freaking time on my hands.

I’m currently working on a presentation explaining the saints that I will give to parishioners after Mass at St. Bridget’s in Rosebud on Sunday. There are a number of challenges within this project.

The first is that I really should have started it a week ago, but, well, what are you going to do? The others are a little more daunting. Do you know how much information there is about Saints? Where do you start? What do you cover? How deep do you go? People have written books on this. Libraries even. I’ve got about 30 minutes and a powerpoint presentation. Actually it’s a Google doc presentation. Sorry, my history training flares up every time I improperly cite something and demands I tell the truth about where I got my information. Speaking of history training, I think I might actually be using my degree in some of this work. Researching saints and the process of canonization and the body of saints and then putting the information into a coherent, easy flowing, structured presentation feels an awful lot like writing an essay about Teddy Roosevelt and Progressivism or terrorism in Europe from the 1800’s to the 1990’s or American conspiracy theories in the 20th century (Sigh. I miss history classes so much…nerd).

Alright, so I actually need to get back to work. I’m not even through canonization yet, but I had to clear my head a little. So much to think about when you’re discussing the ROCK STARS of the Catholic Church.


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