In Other News,

Life has a funny way of just barreling on, doesn’t it?

While my thoughts have been dominantly elsewhere, this past week was filled with new experiences and adventures of sorts. The regular teacher for religious education in Rosebud was sick, so I actually taught fifth and first graders on Wednesday and Thursday ALL BY MYSELF. Terrifying? A little. But no one lost any toes or fingers, I didn’t yell at or curse in front of the children, and the building was still standing when I left. I mean, who knows if the children actually learned anything, but we all survived the hour. I survived the hour twice, so kudos to me.

Some of the questions these kids have about religion are horrifying. What is Heaven? Who is God? I hear these inquiries and I understand that it’s unimaginably important that someone talk to these guys about all of this, but I can’t help but feel pathetically under-qualified. It’s daunting enough having discussions like this with adults who will ask questions, add to the conversation and understand the complexities and convolutions involved with such big life questions (well, to a point, sometimes we all just have to let it go and just trust in God). Having to explain all this to kids though, and make it meaningful but simple, is intimidating.

I’m starting to see what Father meant when he said we are the answers to someone’s prayers. I just worry that I’m a half hearted reply. Of course, I’m working hard on trying not to be, but it’s still scary. I guess, maybe, that’s a sign that I’m taking this seriously?

Also, the other JV’s and I are going to start community hours where we show a movie or hold a poker tournament in one of the mission buildings and invite people to come in and participate. We’re starting by showing Remember the Titans next week (PG, but not necessarily a “kid’s” movie). It’s exciting to be getting involved, but I also have apprehensions about how many people will show up and if they’ll enjoy themselves. I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?


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