Shout Out!

Hey all,

My attempts to make this blog interactive by asking people to share their stories about just after they graduated failed because no one told me any stories. So the de-facto winner is Louie Mello because when he graduated college he was married, had kids, was living in a shack (“insulated by termite poop,” as his wife, Janice so fondly recalls), was working the same job he’s had since high school, and was a veteran with partial blindness in one eye. So yeah, think about that. Don’t worry though, he turned out okay.

I have gotten FOUR postcards from awesome people, so I’m giving a public thank you to Scott, Holly, Dave and Grams (yeah, my grandma reads my blog, how ADORABLE is that? Hi Grams! I miss you!). Each post card brought a giant smile to my face, so thanks, you guys.

People seem to like to know how I’m doing out here. Besides being underworked, I’m actually quite swell. I’ve been reading an absurd amount of books, watching an embarrassing amount of football (embarrassing for YOU, because I get to watch more football than you do. Bam.), and have generally been separated from a large dose of some of the negative aspects of my life. I haven’t had a hangover in over a month and really won’t have an opportunity to drink or make poor life decisions as a side-effect of drinking for about a year. That should be enough to break a habit, right? (um, Maggie, didn’t you just say your grandma reads this? Yeah, and she’s seen me puke, so you understand just how deeply negative this aspect of my life may have been. Grams never needs to see that again). And as for romantic relationships, which have been a steaming pile of mess for the past two years, well there’s pretty much no way to get into any complicated situations out here. Ok, so I could if I really tried, but that’s not really a challenge I’m going to accept. I’m also re-nourishing my spirituality, which was a little meager after a year of sporadic and sparse feeding. This is all a lesson in taking life slowly and placing my trust in God, and for that I’m grateful.

Also, it’s so pretty here. Instead of the vast ocean, I’ve got the torrential landscape and stormy skies.


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