It’s Getting Lovelier

It has been a tumultuous week at St. Therese house. For awhile there we were pretty low on food because the ATM cards we need to access our accounts from JVC hadn’t arrived yet and we had used up our starter cash. Don’t worry, we have plenty of food now, but I was getting pretty creative with food there for a bit. And by creative, I mean eating peanut butter by the spoonfuls with honey drizzled on top. So good.

Then Neil got sick. Fr. Hatcher convinced us to drive him to Valentine to see the doctor, so Monica, Neil and I had a Valentine adventure. Turns out Neily-poo has strep throat. Poor kid. He has meds now though and he got a milkshake as we were leaving, so I think he feels better.

I, however,  had a pro-friggin-ductive day today. For the short while I was at work, I finished up my Saint of the Month display for September (St. Matthew the Apostle) and started on St. Francis for October. Then I cut work short for the doctor’s visit (I love both that a doctor’s visit means a 40 minute drive one way AND that the majority of the community goes along for the ride. Small town life is beginning to grow on me). In Valentine, I managed to open a savings and checking account at Wells Fargo (there are NO Chase banks in either South Dakota or Nebraska, and I rather enjoy having access to a bank account), got a library card (BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS), AND managed to get an errant medical bill from Davis taken care of! The after coming home, we headed north to go grocery shopping. After that, I ran farther than I have since getting here. Maybe even dry-heaved a little bit, just like the good ol’ days. I made it home right in time for dinner. Busy day in the simple life. I mean, none of it really has to do with teaching kids about religion (except my awesome Saint paintings), but right now I’m focusing on the little things.

Valentine, though, is definitely growing on me. Besides the fact that the largest store is the Young’s Western Wear (cool cowboy shirts with snap buttons are sadly way out of my price range), I think I like a place where Main Street, really is the main street (read-only one with stop lights and has about 80% of the stores).  Also, it cost me $25 to get my library card. “What!?,” You may say. “That’s outrageous! Who makes people pay for a library card!? And why on earth are you appreciative of this” Well, I don’t live in Cherry County and so I don’t pay the taxes that support the public library. So I am obliged to pay for the services tendered to me and not live off the hard work of others. BAM. Fiscal responsibility and  social services working together like a dream.

Now if you excuse me, I’ve got some reading to do.


I’m happier than a pig in poop.


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