Quietly Taking It All In

I haven’t posted in a few days because not much has happened. I’ve been working on a Saint of the Month project for my classes (September’s saint is St. Matthew the Apostle), which means I’ve been working quietly on my own in my office, usually painting, of all things.

Oh right, and I work for the St. Francis Mission, but the town where I will be teaching in is called Rosebud and I work in the CYO building. The kids are released from school for an hour to come to religious education classes. So I live in St. Francis, work in Rosebud. They’re about 10 minutes apart driving.

The last two weeks have given me more time than I’ve ever had for introspection. I have so much time to think out here. Maybe because that’s about all there is to do. But it’s more than just time. In the surroundings here I can’t help but feel poetic and romantic and lonesome. The huge rolling uninterrupted sky is constantly changing and the landscape feels like it’s been this same way for at least a hundred years. The whole place is expansive, but the air never feels still and these two colossal giants, the earth and the sky, stand starkly contrasted against each other. One slumbering and the other dancing.

Geez, if I stay here too much longer I think I might start writing poetry. Let’s hope not.

Hopefully soon I’ll have more to tell you all. On a very positive note, the basement is finished and we have a second bathroom, a washer a dryer, all the couches in place and a TV with a Blu-Ray player (swanky), which we christened this evening by watching Up.

One day, I want a love like Carl and Ellie’s.


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