I Think I’m Gunna Have a Heart Attack and Die From Not Surprise

I’m really trying to keep myself positive and focus on what I can appreciate right now and right here in my life, but holy paint drying, batman! Am I ever so utterly bored! Religious education classes don’t actually start until September 13. Until then…I don’t even think the teachers know what we should be doing. Yesterday I spent a few hours sorting through old papers, such as coloring sheets and facts about the Bible. I spent my job at the Extension Center going through files, I do NOT want to be doing this again. It’s incredibly frustrating to feel so stagnated. I suppose I can view this all as a lesson in patience and learning to enjoy life at a slower pace, but I’m 22 dammit! I’m supposed to be living in a city, working 10 hour days, busting my butt for minimum pay and partying with other reckless young adults. Right? Probably not.

I’m sure I’ll feel stressed and over-worked soon, although it doesn’t help to think that when work does pile up, it will still be working with kids. Children and I have a mutual disregard for each other. It’s fascinating, really. I guess right now I really need to calm down, focus on what I can do now, and hope my running clothes come in the mail soon so I can burn off some excess energy.

Oh yeah, and Joshua “Lock” Warburg will be visiting me this evening with his sister, Sarah. It’s our first visitor! And most importantly, a kick-off to what should soon be a fantastic Americorps-JVC rivalry (although can you really even call it that when JVC is so astonishingly superior? No, no you can’t).


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1 Response to I Think I’m Gunna Have a Heart Attack and Die From Not Surprise

  1. Cassie says:

    Hey Maggie!

    Just wanted you to know that I’m now part of the list of people who are reading this, and good luck with it! I’m always available by email if you ever want to talk about stuff or just see what’s changed about Davis (I can guarantee you, not much).

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