Welcome to After College-You’re Still Not Special

This morning (and by morning, I mean after noon, but it was when I finally got out of bed), I was making breakfast, eagerly looking forward to going to the store, searching for cheap games and toys and exploring the area outside of St. Francis. We still don’t have a stove, so I was frying an egg on a hot plate, toasting an english muffin and making some coffee. When I put some beans and cheese in the microwave, the kitchen blew a fuse and none of the outlets worked. Sonuva! We got it fixed, but I couldn’t help but thinking “Dammit! I guess we really are pioneers because nothing in this friggin’ house works!”

But wait.

How different is my experience from any other fresh-outta-college grad with a low paying job and crappy apartment? I mean, yeah, our tv sits on an armchair straight out of the seventies because we don’t even have a table to put it on, but at least the parish pays for our basic cable. That’s more than I can say for a lot of people who have entered the work force in recent years. I may be a JV, but I ain’t special.

So now I’d like to hear from you, beloved members of my audience who have tried their hand in the real world. Leave a comment or email me with your horror stories about when you first started living on your own, newly graduated and amazed at all the world has to offer. Best story may (or may not) get a personalized postcard from somewhere awesome in South Dakota!


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